Marble Polishing

Millstone Marble Polishing

Millstone Marble Polishing, Tenax Marble Polishing Powder / Polishing Compound 1 kg (2.2. lbs)
Millstone Marble Polishing - click on the image below for more information.

4145q3JkWGL. SL160  Marble Polishing

  • Ready mixed paste for polish restoration and maintenance of worn marble
  • Just mix with water
  • Buff with Felt Pads
  • Creates a high reflective finish as seen on polished marble tiles and slabs.
  • For polishing marble with felt pads

Millstone Marble Polishing and Cleaning Services

To apply, mix with water to make it gel/paste like, then buff with felt buff pads.
Packaged in a plastic bucket.

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